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The Wolverine offense again bogged bottomward in the second half. In the first half, Michigan scored a respectable 1.15 points per possession, and in the second, they scored just 0.88. Michigan settled and went one-on-one against State’s switch-heavy defense, Tillman was an important attendance inside, and Michigan couldn’t augment the ball to Teske back they managed to switch Winston onto him. The Wolverines’ shot selection was about as bad as it’s been all season. Tillman was impressive once again: State was clearly more accessible defensively as he sat on the bench in the first half, and Tillman was alive on the offensive glass to generate a few extra backing in the second. Tom Izzo realized that his backup bigs couldn’t handle this game, and played Tillman 18 minutes after halftime.


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Much like in Michigan’s previous losses to State, the Spartans went on an inexorable run over much of the second half to get the win. In those first two wins, the hero was Winston; in this game, it was McQuaid. The senior wing went off for 27 points, including 7-13 from three point range (State’s added players were just 2-10). Winston read Michigan cheating off McQuaid in the weakside bend on the pick and roll, and the sharpshooter made the Wolverines pay. McQuaid was capital in State’s comeback, and came up big late by alert getting State to within two points after they’d fallen bottomward five, baiting Poole into a three-point foul with two account left, and hitting a three over Zavier Simpson. Goins had a rough game and Winston took a while to get going, but McQuaid was there to pick up the slack and take advantage of every poor tag and recover.


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Michigan defended Cassius Winston well for most of the game, but it was his work in the ball screen game with Xavier Tillman that propelled Michigan State in the second half. Winston, who had just 3 points and 4 assists in the first half, had 11 and 7 in the second — finding McQuaid on the kick and Tillman on the roll, and eventually getting a couple buckets himself. It was a tough Winston layup past Isaiah Livers to beat the shot clock that completed the Spartan comeback and tie the game at 48, and Winston’s ability to power a shot up through a strong Teske contest gave State what would prove to be the game-winner with a little over 30 seconds left. Simpson had a decent game — 10 assists to just 1 turnover — but missed all of his shots from three, including one late in the game. For the third time this season, Winston won that battle.


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“Did you just take a picture of your dinner?” my cousin asked me last Friday night as we sat at one of my favorite Italian spots with an aesthetically pleasing plate of pasta sitting in front of me. “Yes,” I


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5 hours ago ... ... conference tourney championship—and unfortunately it's a roadblock Michigan is 0-2 against this season. But it's not like I'm not going to embed this.

The M Blog

Michigan State started the game up 17-11, but Xavier Tillman’s additional foul with about nine account left in the first half swung the game. With Nick Ward and Thomas Kithier at the five, Michigan found accessible looks in the ball screen game and locked up the Michigan State offense. Two threes by Matt McQuaid were the only Spartan points for the rest of the half, and Michigan took a solid 31-23 lead into halftime. Despite addition McQuaid three to open the scoring after the break, Michigan extended the lead: an off-balance Poole three, an Iggy three over Kenny Goins, and a pair of Iggy free throws put the score at 39-26. By that point, Iggy had scored 17 points — he was Michigan’s only source of offense early on and had made a few threes. Michigan State shut him down from there.


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For the third time this season, Michigan fell apart in the second half against Michigan State. For the second time, they handed a banner to their rival. This one was afterpiece down the stretch, but State scored the last ten credibility of the game after abatement a 13-point second half deficit. With the game tied at 60 with less than a minute left, Zavier Simpson absent a wide open three, Cassius Winston muscled a layup accomplished Jon Teske to take the lead, Ignas Brazdeikis absent a floater badly, and Aaron Henry absent the back end of a one-and-one. With the Wolverines trailing by three, Winston approved to give a foul on Jordan Poole, Poole put up a shot, and the refs swallowed their whistle on a clear three-point foul to effectively end the game.

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