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The two tight-end-type substances to the bottom are actually OL. You can see that Michigan has responded by shifting Uche to the line of scrimmage bringing their safety level closer to the LOS. Army did some work in this formation but Michigan had their plan and did not deviate from it, and it all worked out.


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The Wedding Gifts We Still Use 8 Years Later

One hair care brand is going to great lengths (pun intended) to broaden the conversation around inclusivity in the adorableness industry. Prose is a made-to-order hair care company known for its formulas that are cruelty-free, free of sulfates, parabens, and


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Preppy Style For Fall

SPONSOR NOTE: Upon Further Review is sponsored by HomeSure Lending and Matt Demorest. Rates are the lowest they've been in three years so it can't aching to check whether you can save money on a refinance. Or you could buy a house in Ann Arbor! Good luck with that!


Hello there! Get to know a little more about me through fun & exciting college tips while we sip some coffee! Feel free to follow me as I go through this jou...

The M Blog

Give or take some injuries, Wisconsin is living their best life: 110 credibility scored, zero ceded. While the relevance of this to the Big Ten season could be overstated, the consistency of Wisconsin's running game cannot. Hoping the four new starters on the OL would be a agglomeration of confused puppies is like hoping the guy who comes after Jonathan Taylor ends the streak of three decades after a generic RB. He is the best of them.

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Diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, 11-year-old Iggy Howells and his family are celebrating the end of two years of cancer treatment at University of Minnesota ...

10 Items To NEVER Buy Luxury! (10 Things Better Bought CHEAP)

Glasgow, Hudson, and Uche got every snap. Ross probably would have as well but a stinger forced him out at halftime; Anthony took over. This was not much of a glimpse at Anthony since it seemed like Michigan's scheme with the MLB was to get him annihilated on every snap.

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In an effort to make m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL II function similar to m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL, we have added Student Finance (SF) drill to the report. Read More ...

A Western Inspired Outfit for Fall

FORMATION NOTES: Michigan spent virtually the whole game in a 3-3-5, aside from some goal line plays. Army started off in a traditional flexbone, so this was the most common bureaucracy for the first quarter and change:


M Loves M is a Los Angeles and Orange County based Fashion and Lifestyle Blog. M Loves M is written by Mara Ferreira.

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We’ve come a long way in modern-day cinema thanks to the use of computer generated imagery (CGI). CGI has become a necessary tool in making unbelievable experiences appear believable and has truly changed the cinematic experience.

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